Welcome to my passion!

Who is Eric Brisson?

A rock photographer out of Laval, Quebec (Montreal) who prides himself in getting the shot.  I've always had a passion for photography and music so naturaly I was attracted to rock photography.  Seeing images of my favorite artist in magazines was a thrill growing up in the small town of Edmundston, New Brunswick.  Since shows were scarce for me growing up I never got to see the shows, so seeing images in magazines was second best thing (no Internet back then).  I always wanted to be in one of those pictures, from a young age I knew that wouldn't happen as I have no musical talent whatsoever. Never did I think that one day I would be taking those pictures.  Nowdays it's a regular occurance and I love it!  Live shows are the way music should be enjoyed and I'm there to document it.

I'm available for live shoot, portraits, behind the scenes, touring and all other types of photography.  

Send me a email at and lets work together.  PS you don't have to be a rockstar however once we are done together you will feel like one \m/

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