I Prevail

I Prevail - Corona Theatre by ERIC BRISSON

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to show I Prevail for Musik Universe.  Got to the venue quite early so I met up with a couple of friends at the local watering hole next doors for a pint.  In walks in Eric Vanlerberghe who just happened to be friends with my friend Michelle.  Super friendly dude, talked about life and touring. Wished him luck! 

I made my way into the venue to catch Cover Your Tracks. They did pretty well for a band without their lead signer (stuck at border).  After them Starset did their impressive set full space mask and giant computer board that seems like it comes out of a Star Trek episode.

Finally I Prevail came out and did their thing.  A really fun set, full of great songs and a few covers!  All in all a great night.  

Here are some of the pictures from the show. Click here for more (French article) : I Prevail in Montreal